Flooding Update 9/14/13

09/14/2013 | by Lyles Armour | Estes Park

Flood update 9/14/13: Heavy rains and high river levels over the past week have caused flooding problems in some areas of Estes Park. Currently the river levels have subsided and the town is focusing on cleaning up and repairing any damage. Travel to and from Estes Park is limited because of road damage on Hwy 34 (between Loveland and Estes Park) and Hwy 36 (between Lyons and Estes Park). At the time of this writing, Hwy 7 between Lyons and Estes Park is open to critical travel only. Trail Ridge Road between Granby and Estes Park is open for visitors and residents to leave Estes Park, but only critical travel is allowed into Estes Park. These travel conditions are expected to change quickly and we're hopeful Hwy 7 will be open to visitor travel soon so that Front Range visitors will have an easy way to come and visit.

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