Around here we are always ready to welcome a spirit in a glass, so warm up this winter by visiting one of Estes Park’s distilleries. Discover these Estes Park distilleries and taste locally distilled spirits with these five tips! Learn how to taste spirits like an expert and where to go in Estes Park to do so!

Tip #1

Clarity is important, in every color of the spirit. If tasting from clear glassware, hold up your glass to the light. Check to see if the spirit is clear. Even brown colored spirits will allow light to pass through. If the spirit is hazy or cloudy it can be indicative of poor distillation techniques.

Tip #2

Taste at room temperature. At warmer temperatures, you’ll be able to take in more aromatic compounds that cold temps might cover-up.

Tip #3

Smell before you sip but not how you would with wine. Spirits have a higher alcohol content, meaning there is more alcohol evaporating in the glass. Avoid sticking your nose into the glass for a sniff as the ethanol will overwhelm your senses. Alternatively, hold your nose over the glass and inhale.

Tip #4

Prep your palate. Take a small sip, swish it around and then spit it out. This process will help to prepare your palate for what is coming. Wait about 30 seconds and then take your actual tasting sip.

Tip #5

After swallowing or spitting let the taste of the spirit linger in your mouth before drinking water or eating a savory cracker to cleanse the palate. The spirit will continue to play out in your mouth, with how long it lasts determining its finish. Often a longer finish indicates a better spirit but not always.

Where to taste

Discover Dancing Pines Distillery and use our tips on tasting Estes Park spirits.

Attend the Whisky Warm up

Another great way to discover Estes Park’s distillery industry is by attending the Whisky Warm Up. Discover your favorite drink by tasting from local Estes Park distilleries and others throughout the state of Colorado. Learn about the whisky-making process, enjoy live music, and shop local vendors while you warm up this winter with a whisky in hand.

Where to stay in Estes Park

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