Estes Park, Colorado Activities

There are plenty of Estes Park activities and attractions to choose from, no matter what type of adventure you are seeking. Some of our guests at Rocky Mountain Resorts enjoy quieter activities that allow them to enjoy the beauty of nature that surrounds us, such as bird watching.

With Over 280 bird species found within Rocky Mountain National Park, which is enough that it’s been recognized as a Global Important Bird Area, the park is a great starting point to start your bird watching adventures. Even a simple walk through town can become a bird-watching opportunity—especially in the spring. Lake Estes and the Big Thompson river walkway are two popular in-town locations you can start with!

Inside the park, a birders’ paradise awaits. Lumpy Ridge, Trail Ridge Road, Bear Lake Road, Upper Beaver Meadows, and Wild Basin are just a few of the park’s hotspots for birding. Stop by the park’s visitor center on your way in for recommendations about where to look that day, or join one of their Ranger-Led Programs for a fully guided experience around the park.

Rocky Mountain Conservancy and Green Jeep Tours offer outdoor tours and activities where you could easily spot birds. However, Kaiyote Tours probably offers the area’s most extensive birding tour options—with them, you can arrange a private half or a full-day tour across the park’s best trails.