Estes Park Hiking Trails

One of the best ways to see Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park is by hitting the trails. Soak up the beautiful views and clean mountain air with one of these Estes Park hiking trails.

Hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park

Rocky Mountain National Park features more than 350 miles of trails. From gentle open meadows to heart-pounding mountain climbs, there is a trail for everyone. To help get you started, discover these popular hikes in Rocky Mountain National Park:


  • Bear Lake – 0.8-mile loop with little elevation gain.
  • Sprague Lake – 0.9-mile loop with little to no elevation gain.
  • Alberta Falls – 1.7-mile out and back with 200 feet in elevation gain.
  • Cub Lake – 4.7-mile out and back with 570 feet in elevation gain.


  • Emerald Lake1-mile out and back with 708 feet in elevation gain.
  • Fern Lake – 9-mile out and back with 1,453 feet in elevation gain.
  • Loch Trail – 5.4-mile out and back with 1,072 feet in elevation gain.


  • Chasm Lake – 9.4-mile out and back with 2,601 feet in elevation gain.
  • Sky Pond – 8.1-mile out and back with 1,765 feet in elevation gain.
  • Hallett Peak – 9.2-mile out and back with 3,254 feet in elevation gain.

Estes Park hikes

While Rocky Mountain National Park offers the best hiking options, there are also several easy hikes/walks located in town.

  • Lake Estes features a nice easy 3.73-mile path the circles the lake with little to no elevation gain.
  • Estes Park Riverwalk is a great option for an in-town stroll. Walk along the Riverwalk where you will discover restaurants, shops, beautiful plazas, and outdoor seating.
  • Knoll Willows Trail is the perfect trail to access from town. Hikers will enjoy views of Estes Park and the surrounding mountains, plus several historical structures along the way. The trail is 0.5 miles from point to point.