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  • image of driving in the winter

    Tips for Driving to Estes Park in the Winter

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    Most likely if you are visiting Estes Park you are driving in from a nearby city like Denver, another state or driving in from the airport. For both Colorado natives and visitors, driving to Estes Park in the winter will require a bit of preparation and knowledge. So, read here for a few helpful winter driving tips. Slow down!! The first major rule while driving during the winter, especially...

  • image of cross country skier in Colorado

    How to get Started Cross Country Skiing Near Estes Park

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    Not a fan of downhill skiing or lift lines? For those seeking a different winter activity, cross country skiing near Estes Park can be a great way to discover the beauty of the mountains and enjoy the peaceful surroundings that winter brings, all while getting a good workout. If you are worried you need to be an expert skier to enjoy this activity, don’t. There are many guided tours, lessons, and...

  • image of bride and groom on mountain top

    Top 5 Things You Should Know Before Planning Your Estes Park Elopement

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    For those looking for a smaller, more intimate wedding, planning an elopement may be just the thing. Estes Park offers one of the best places to do just that. With its scenic beauty, small-town intimacy, and picture-perfect mountain location, Estes Park is the perfect place to elope. With so many scenic and intimate settings, the possibilities are endless when it comes to planning your Estes Park...

  • image of skier in Colorado

    Skiing Adventures Near Estes Park

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    Estes Park may not be known as a ski resort town, but we do provide a gateway to some of the best local skiing in the state. While down-hill might be the most popular form, skiing near Estes Park offers many different options for ski enthusiasts – whether it’s backcountry or cross-country skiing – the possibilities are endless. So, grab your gear and enjoy one of these skiing adventures near...

  • 4 Ways to Enjoy Estes Park in the Winter

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    With snow-covered mountains, trees, and trails it’s truly a winter wonderland here in Estes Park. There are many ways to discover the beauty of the season with activities like snowshoeing and sledding but here are a few different ways to enjoy Estes Park in the winter.   Warm up from the inside out One of the best ways to stay warm this winter is to warm up from the inside out with a good sip...

  • image of Estes Park museum

    Indoor Activities in Estes Park

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    It’s getting chilly out and if outdoor activities aren’t your thing, Estes Park has plenty to do this winter season that doesn’t involve snow! So, head inside and enjoy these indoor activities in Estes Park.   Catch a flick Check out the latest cinema production at the oldest operating movie theater in the United States that was originally built as a movie theater, located in Estes Park. Built...

  • old photo of Mary Lake and Longs Peak

    History of Estes Park

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    For over 100 years the town of Estes Park has been a resort destination for those looking to explore life in the mountains. As the gateway to Rocky Mountain National Park, the history of Estes Park comes with it a passion for preservation, recreation, and a dedication to mountain life. So, head back in time with us as we explore the history of Estes Park and how you can soak up a piece of history...

  • image of Thanksgiving dinner

    Thanksgiving in Estes Park

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    Spending the holidays in Estes Park is an excellent way to celebrate this season! Start planning your holiday getaway and enjoy Thanksgiving in Estes Park. Take part in fun and festive events, savory dinners, and recipes that you can enjoy in your own cabin at Rocky Mountain Resorts!   Events Annual Tree Lighting Ceremony The weekend before Thanksgiving light up the season at Annual Tree...

  • image of whiskey in glasses

    Sip and Savor | 5 Tips for Tasting Estes Park Spirits

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    It’s the month we welcome ghostly spirits, but around here we are always ready to welcome a spirit in a glass! Enjoy the distilleries in Estes Park and taste locally distilled spirits with these five tips! Learn how to taste spirits like an expert and where to go in Estes Park to do so!   Tip #1 Clarity is important, in every color of spirit. If tasting from clear glassware, hold up your glass...

  • image of elk bugling in rocky mountain national park

    Top 5 Reasons to Attend the Estes Park Elk Fest

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    Every year in the fall, the delightfully haunting bugle of an elk can be heard throughout the Rockies and in the town of Estes Park. Elktober, otherwise known as the month of October, kicks off with the celebration of the season at the Estes Park Elk Fest. Visitors can enjoy live music, elk seminars, a beer garden, food, and a self-guided elk-viewing tour. Related: What is the elk rut? As the...

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