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image of elk in estes park

10 Fun Facts About Elk in Estes Park

In case you haven’t heard, elk in Estes Park are just as common to see as tourists walking the streets. Sure, they are fun to watch grazing in town or bugling in the open meadow of Rocky Mountain National Park but what do you really know about the elk that call Colorado home? Here are a few interesting facts about the elk in Estes Park.

09/24/2019 | by Lyles Armour | | Area Wildlife | Estes Park

What is the elk rut?

Fall is a special time in Estes Park with cooler temperatures, gorgeous fall foliage, and the distant bugles of bull (male) elk! The elk rut in Estes Park is mainly recognized by the sound the elks make. The bugling, a bellow with a grunt or a high-pitched call at the end, is used by the […]

09/20/2017 | by Lyles Armour | | Area Wildlife | Estes Park | Festivals & Events
Elk on water

Wild about wildlife

It’s no secret that Rocky Mountain National Park is a popular place, but it’s also a popular home to a wide variety of wildlife. From ones that take to the skies to ones that take up a lot of space, visitors of all ages are always delighted to spot some form of wildlife in RMNP […]

04/26/2016 | by Lyles Armour | | Area Wildlife | Estes Park