Get your camera ready for these top picture-worthy spots in Rocky Mountain National Park.

Bear Lake

As a true classic, Bear Lake is a popular stop for many visiting Rocky Mountain National Park. Catch it on a calm day and the water looks like glass, making a perfect mirror reflection of the trees and mountain peaks that surround the lake.

Dream Lake

Like a dream, Dream Lake is the true essence of Rocky Mountain National Park. With Hallett Peak stacked in the background, this alpine lake is favorite in the summer and winter when you can ice skate around the lake.

Sprague Lake

Yes, another lake is on the list, but we would be remised to leave Sprague Lake off the list. Particularly beautiful at sunrise with the pink glow of the sun hitting the snow-capped peaks really doesn’t get better than this!

Alberta Falls

Set your long exposure on your camera to capture the cascading falls of Alberta Falls.

Gore Range Overlook (Trail Ridge Road)

Experience life above treeline at the Gore Range Overlook. Near the Alpine Visitor Center, this overlook provides sweeping views of the Gore Range and Never Summer Range.

Moraine Park

Not all the action happens above 10,00 feet. Stick to the meadows and flatter land in Moraine Park for meadow views, the Big Thompson River, and one of the best places to spot a herd of elk. Now that is picture perfect!

Gem Lake

Another lake-favorite in Rocky Mountain National Park is Gem Lake. Using the Lumpy Ridge Trailhead, take the 3.5-mile round-trip hike to Gem Lake, where the lake is formed by trapped snowmelt and rainwater that has collected in a basin that is surrounded by the large granite cliff walls that give this destination its distinctive look.

Anywhere during the fall

In the fall, the park lights up with a brilliant color of mostly yellowed aspens and a few spots of orange and red. There are plenty of places throughout the park where this spectacular display can be admired.

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