Summer is a great time to get outdoors and discover the beauty of Estes Park. From hiking to rock climbing there are many types of adventures to have using our summer guide to Estes Park below.

See the wildflowers

As if the landscape of Rocky Mountain National Park wasn’t beautiful enough, for a couple of months out of the year, parts of the park burst with colorful wildflowers, adding another element of beauty. Late spring into summer is the perfect time to spot wildflowers in Colorado.

Typically, at a higher elevation, the wildflowers reach their peak during July into August. At lower elevations, they reach their peak late June into early July – all depending on rainfall and mountain run-off from the previous winter. Keep your eye out for Columbines, mountain iris, Wood lilies, fairy slippers, elephantella, and more.

Take a hike to a waterfall or lake

Cool off this summer and enjoy a scenic hike to a lake or waterfall. Lucky for you, when visiting Estes Park there are plenty of chances to see some of the state’s most stunning waterfalls and alpine lakes. Most reside in Rocky Mountain National Park and are easily accessible.

Some of the best waterfall hikes include Chasm Falls, Copeland Falls, Horseshoe Falls, Alberta Falls, and Adams Falls. Our favorite lake hikes inside Rocky Mountain National Park include Bear Lake, Dream Lake, and Cub Lake. Another popular lake hike outside of the park is the 3.5-mile trail around Lake Estes.

Fly fishing

Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park occupy some of Colorado’s most pristine landscape and prime fly-fishing territory. With over 265,000 acres to explore, Rocky Mountain National Park offers plenty of fishing opportunities from seasoned anglers to beginners. With numerous lakes, streams, rivers, and ponds in the area, there are plenty of opportunities to cast in a line.

Rock climbing

Named as one of the “6 rock-climbing destinations worth planning a vacation around,” Estes Park has made a name for itself amongst the crag-addicted rock-climbing community. It’s a sport that can be enjoyed by all, no matter the age and there are plenty of opportunities to help get you started if you are just beginning.

Regardless of your experience level, Estes Park has a lot to offer, from single-pitch beginner rock climbing to high-end multi-pitch routes.

Take a scenic drive

Carefully designed and thought-out, the roads through Rocky Mountain National Park are meant to blend in with the environment and offer a less-impactful experience for the area’s flora and fauna. Scenic drives in Rocky Mountain National Park highlight its natural features and provide scenic vistas and overlooks to allow visitors to take in the beautiful landscape from almost anywhere along the drive.

Stay at Rocky Mountain Resorts

mountain pine cabin

Hot tub at Mountain Pine Cabin.

As part of your summer guide to Estes Park, book your accommodations at Rocky Mountain Resorts. We offer a variety of accommodations; from cabins and cottages to larger vacation homes. Combined with our affordable prices and our proximity to the town of Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park, we are a great choice for exploring in town and the Rocky Mountains!