Enjoy some high-flying adventures in Estes Park with our adventures with altitude. From the aerial tramway to whitewater rafting, we’ve got it all! Plan an epic summer vacation exploring Estes Park and gaining some impressive elevation.

Aerial tramway

An easy way for everyone to gain some elevation in Estes Park is to take a ride on the Aerial Tramway! The tram takes riders to the summit of Prospect Mountain where you can hike around or visit the shops. Round trip tickets are $14 per adult and $10 for children ages six to 11.


Take your Rocky Mountain National Park adventure to new heights on a hike! For experienced hikers, try one of these four difficult summer hikes for stunning views and challenging terrain. For more novice hikers, don’t fret – there are lots of easier trails with still-exceptional rewards. Try Emerald Lake or Lily Mountain!

Horseback ride

Climb up to above 10,000 ft. in elevation on a six-hour horseback ride to the summit of Deer Mountain with SK Horses! Just be sure to wear comfortable, loose clothing (including long pants) and dress in layers as it can get chilly at the top!

Open Air Adventure Park

Get off the ground at Open Air Adventure Park, a challenging aerial “obstacle” course! Adventurers as young as five (accompanied by someone at least 16 years of age) can play on the course and find the right difficulty level for them! The first challenge starts at 10 ft. off the ground and goes to above 20 ft.

Rock climbing

Literally climb your way to fun with a day of rock climbing in Estes Park! There are plenty of rock faces of varying difficulty out along Lumpy Ridge or you could always try a guided climb with a local business. Many of the companies that offer tours also have indoor climbing walls for some warmup or practice runs!

Scenic drive on Trail Ridge Road

Trail Ridge Road’s highest point is at 12,183 ft. and the road’s elevation provides a stunning vantage point for seeing the park. Trail Ridge Road is one of the most popular scenic drives in the area and is typically open from late May through fall before closing for the winter. The road is currently open, but be sure to double-check the road report before setting out for the drive.

Another option for a scenic route is to take Highway 34 into Estes Park. The highway has been closed due to construction and road work needed after the flood in 2013. The road is open this summer but will close again in October 2017 for more maintenance work.

See the stars

Though you can enjoy wonderful starry nights in Estes Park, get closer to the stars at the Estes Park Memorial Observatory! Learn more about the sky above with a private viewing session or attend a public star night.

Whitewater rafting

One of our favorite adventures in Estes Park is whitewater rafting. Ride the rapids on a whitewater rafting trip down the Colorado and Poudre rivers! Schedule a least five or six hours for these rides down the rivers and transportation to and from Estes Park to the launch site. If you’re looking for a more thrilling ride, opt for earlier in the summer whereas late July and August waters are more suited for a leisurely ride.

Make sure your vacation budget covers all of your high flying adventures this summer by booking one of Rocky Mountain Resort’s specials!