We know when you’re on vacation all you want to do is disconnect from the world and not be on your phones or computers. But some of the best ways to explore Rocky Mountain National Park is with a few helpful apps. From top trails to stargazing, here are the best apps for RMNP.


The NPS App is the official app of the National Park Service. Yoru can find interactive maps, guided tours, trails, and much more. It’s a great app to help you get started with your visit to Rocky Mountain National Park.


AllTrails is an app that features almost every trail for hiking, biking, climbing, and more. You can search “hikes in Rocky Mountain National Park” or “top hikes in Rocky Mountain National Park” to get a sense of what’s in the area. The app gives mileage, photos, difficulty rating, and more for each trail. But one of the best features is the reviews. It is nice to see how others describe the trail, especially during shoulder seasons (fall and spring) when conditions can vary greatly.

Hiking Project and Mountain Project

The Hiking Project and Mountain Project are sister apps that guide users to all the best hikes and rock climbing routes in the area. The app will offer suggestions of the best hikes or climbing routes with expert tips and things you need to know before heading out. A big difference in these apps from AllTrails is that they offer a few additional technical pieces of information and detailed-oriented descriptions about the trails.

Peak Visor

Know what you’re looking at with the Peak Visor app. When visiting RMNP, you will come across numerous mountain peaks and the Peak Visor app will help you identify them using augmented reality technology. Simply point your phone (camera) to the mountain in front of you and the app will tell you everything including its height, name, and the info about surrounding peaks.

Star Tracker

If you plan to view the night sky while inside the park be sure to download the Star Tracker app. Name and identify 88 constellations, over 8,000 celestial objects, the moon, and planets. Using augmented reality technology as well, the app highlights the position of the subjects you’re looking for (or at). You can even add graphics that show the 12 zodiac signs and more.

Rocky Mountain Channel

For information about Estes Park, RMNP, and the area, be sure to download the Rocky Mountain Channel app. Use it to find the best dining spot, local activities, history of the area, and more. The app includes Rocky Mountain Channel live, nature documentaries, information about hikes in Rocky Mountain National Park podcasts, and local attractions. It’s your go-to for all things Rocky Mountain!

Stay at Rocky Mountain Resorts

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