Winter in Estes Park is more than just snow-capped peaks; it’s a celebration of warmth, flavor, and festivity. Dive into the heart of the season with a lineup of exciting Estes Park winter festivals that promise to make your holidays memorable.

Estes Park Holiday Wine Fest – December 16

Calling all wine enthusiasts! On December 16, the Estes Park Holiday Wine Fest beckons with a tantalizing array of wines, live music, and delectable bites. Let the charming mountain town be the backdrop as you unwind and savor the rich flavors of the season. It’s an evening of sophistication and merriment under the twinkling winter sky.

Estes Park Holiday Trail – November 18 – December 31

From November 18th to December 31st, the Estes Park Holiday Trail transforms the town into a winter wonderland. Embark on a self-guided tour through festively decorated shops, lodges, and public spaces. Each corner is adorned with holiday cheer, creating a picturesque and joyful experience that encapsulates the true spirit of the season.

Wine & Chocolate Festival – February 3, 2024

As winter unfolds its magic, mark your calendars for the Wine & Chocolate Festival on February 3, 2024. Indulge your senses with delightful wines and the finest chocolates, creating a sweet celebration perfect for a romantic getaway or a delightful outing with friends. Let the warmth of this event melt away the winter chill.

Whiskey Warm Up – March 2, 2024

Conclude the winter season on a high note with the Whiskey Warm Up on March 2, 2024. Sample a curated selection of whiskeys, savor the warmth of good company, and revel in the stunning backdrop of the Rocky Mountains. It’s an experience that combines the rugged charm of the mountains with the smoothness of aged spirits.

Frozen Dead Guys Festival – March 15-17, 2024

For a touch of eccentricity, immerse yourself in the Frozen Dead Guys Festival from March 15-17, 2024. Embrace the quirky side of winter with events like coffin races and frozen salmon tossing, paying homage to the unconventional history of the Rocky Mountains. It’s a festival that adds a unique and memorable twist to your winter adventures.

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