Before you head out outdoors, ensure you have the best and safest experience with this list of essential hiking gear for Rocky Mountain National Park.

The right clothing

Probably the most important thing to remember when picking the right clothing is layers, layers, and layers. Most likely you will be hiking in the summer months, and while it feels warm when you begin your hike, as you gain elevation the weather can change drastically and become much cooler. In one day, you could experience sunshine, rain/hail, wind, cold and warm temperatures, and sometimes even snow during the summer. So, it’s always advisable to dress for all types of weather by bringing layers. Avoid cotton and bring clothes that wick the moisture away.

Sun protection

At higher elevations you are closer to the sun, making sun exposure even more of a factor. It is always advisable to bring a hat, sunglasses, clothing with SPF, and of course sunscreen.

Food and water

Even if you think you are just going to go for a quick hike, it is always essential to bring enough water (more than you think you will drink) and some food. In this case, it is always better to have more of it than not have it.

First-aid kit

The fact is, hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park exposes you to the outdoor elements and opens up the possibility of injury. Don’t get stuck on the trail without some sort of aid until you can get proper care at a medical facility.


Most likely you will be out for the day, so a daypack is a great way to keep all your essential gear in one place. A daypack with a water compartment is the most convenient for hiking. Be sure to find one that is comfortable for you. Most outdoor retails will help find one that fits you best.

Hiking shoes/boots

Hiking in the proper shoes will make a world of difference in comfort, ability, and safety when out on the trails. A few things to consider when buying a hiking boot, such as material and of course size.

Stay at Rocky Mountain Resorts

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