Wedding planning can be quite challenging and mountain weddings tend to require a bit more additional planning with the outdoor elements to think about. So, we have compiled a list of wedding tips to consider when planning your perfect Rocky Mountain wedding.

  1. Pick Your Season – Really any season here in Estes Park is a great time to have a wedding but understanding what each season brings is crucial.
  • Winter means colder temperatures but always comes with a beautiful snowy backdrop, creating a winter wedding wonderland.
  • Spring means beautiful flowers, budding trees and flowing rivers from mountain run-off. Spring weather can also be unpredictable, so be prepared for anything!
  • Summer brings with it colorful wildflowers and warmer temps in the mountains.
  • Fall is one of the more beautiful times of year in the Rockies, with vibrant fall foliage to help paint a colorful backdrop.
  1. Hunt for Discounts – Depending on the season you choose, there are a variety of discounts that could be offered, especially if planning during the winter or even spring months. Also consider the opposite, summer and fall are very popular times to plan a Rocky Mountain wedding so things fill up fast and are more expensive!
  1. Have a Backup Plan – Most likely if you plan on getting married in Colorado, you are planning an outdoor event, so be sure to have a backup plan. Colorado weather, especially in the mountains can be unpredictable and change immediately. So always come prepared with a plan B and put your mind at ease.
  1. Prepare Out-of-Town Guests – Consider your out-of-town guests, by preparing them for the different outdoor elements. Create a list of Colorado friendly tips on how they can ensure they enjoy their time here in the mountains. For example, make a list of things they will need, like plenty of water, clothing layers, sunscreen, possibly even altitude sickness medicine.
  1. Know When to Take Your Photos – Of course, you want to capture the special day by taking lots of photos. While most likely your photographer knows when the best time is, it is helpful to understand for your planning purposes. The sun dips behind the mountains sooner, making sunset a little earlier. Key times to photograph are 20-30 minutes after the sun sets to capture the “blue hour”.
  2. Consider the Elevation – Have a plan on how you and your guests will be getting up to the mountains for the ceremony. Will grandma need a ride, who can walk? Make sure to have a transportation plan in place for all guests, even consider having a shuttle. Be sure to also provide clear directions on where to go with helpful signs, no one wants to be lost in the mountains!
  1. Provide Plenty of Water – It goes without saying but be sure to provide plenty of water for your guests. If you plan on getting married at higher altitude this is a must.
  2. Accommodations – Be an excellent host by offering a variety of accommodations for your out-of-town guests. For most, Colorado is considered a ‘destination’ spot so you want to make sure everyone is comfortable during their stay and is offered a variety of options. At Rocky Mountain Resorts we offer a variety of accommodations such as small cabins, condos, and larger vacation homes through-out Estes Park, CO.
  3. Go Local – Colorado is home to so many different local flavors, with our local wineries, breweries and our popular Palisade peaches. So, offer up as a parting gift or as a part of your reception, either way, your guests will love sharing in the local flavor Colorado has to offer!
  1. Travel Itinerary – With so many things to do and see in Colorado, provide your guests with a ‘top 10’ list of places to see, trails to hike, or breweries to check out.

No matter what time of year you are planning for your mountain wedding be sure to contact us at Rocky Mountain Resorts for convenient accommodations in Estes Park.