Elk isn’t the only wildlife to keep your eye out for in Rocky Mountain National Park. Black bears are a frequent guest of the park. Making it a point to avoid humans, black bears aren’t as frequently spotted as elk (unless there is food around), but nonetheless, they play an important role in our environment. Discover some fun facts about the other furry animals that call Rocky Mountain National Park home.

A few fun facts about black bears in Rocky Mountain National Park

  • The black bear is the only bear living in Colorado, answering the question… Are there grizzlies in Rocky Mountain National Park?
  • The black bear is the smallest bear in North America.
  • Black is not the only color they come in. This species of bear can have brown, blond, and cinnamon-colored coats.
  • Black bears mainly eat plants including grasses, fruits, nuts, and roots.
  • In preparation for winter, black bears consume nearly 20,000 calories a day in order to put on enough weight to aid in their survival during the winter.
  • Mating season occurs in May and June. But egg implantation doesn’t occur until the fall when the mother is fat and happy for hibernation. If the mother doesn’t gain enough weight before hibernating for winter, she can reabsorb the egg for her survival.
  • Cubs are born in the mother’s den after a two to three-month gestation period. The mother does not breed again until the cubs have left.

What to do if you see a black bear

Stop and do not run. Be sure to remain calm and make lots of noise as you back slowly away. If a bear approaches and attacks, be sure to fight back.

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