Continental divide near Rocky Mountain Resorts 

Where to Explore the Continental Divide in Rocky Mountain National Park

06/15/2022 | by Lyles Armour | Estes Park

The Continental Divide is a large mountain range scaling from South America all the way up to the top of North America. Throughout its 3000 miles of mountains and water basins, it expands through Colorado. You will be able to see the Continental Divide in Rocky Mountain National Park, and here are the best ways to explore it!

 The Continental Divide National Scenic Trail Loop

If you’re dreaming of exploring the Continental Divide, the Continental Divide National Scenic Trail is the best way to take in its breathtaking scenery and wildlife.

To get started on your Continental Divide adventure, you will want to start out at Green Mountain Trailhead. The trail is roughly 28 miles throughout the park and loops through Tonahutu Creek Trail and North Inlet Trail. Both trails cross through each other on Flattop Mountain, a body of land in the actual divide.

Some of the most beautiful sights are among this loop. You’ll find picturesque views of the mountain lakes and streams lined with peaks in the background. Wildlife can be seen while exploring this land such as pika, moose, and elk.

 Tips for Hiking the Continental Divide

While there are different level hikes in Rocky Mountain National Park, this trail is for more experienced backpackers and hikers. If you’re looking to explore the entire 28 miles, it will take roughly two days to trek through. Prepare to set up camp if you want to take on the entire journey!

 For just a day trip, make sure to pack all necessities such as plenty of water, snacks, and comfortable hiking shoes and attire. The trail gains up to 2,000ft in elevation, so be cautious if you are prone to elevation sickness. It’s also likely for a thunderstorm to breeze by throughout the day, so bring proper rain gear and watch out for lightning.

Hiking through the Continental Divide in Rocky Mountain National Park is an epic journey that will give you some of the best views in the park! Summer is the best time to hike the area, so get ready to take on an unforgettable experience!

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