Looking for sweets for your sweetie in Estes Park? Our downtown is filled with a variety of options including cookies and ice cream, fudge, donuts, and more. Discover a few of our favorites below.

The Old Fashion Candy Store

Treat your sweetie to a taste of nostalgia at the Estes Park Old Fashion Candy Store. Located at 102 E Elkhorn, the store features over 600 nostalgic candies and sweet treats. Visit their sister store, the Estes Park General Store, for even more candlicious fun and other memorabilia.

Estes Park Sugar Shack & Fudge Factory

If the way to your partner’s heart is by way of chocolate then stop in at the Estes Park Sugar Shack & Fudge Factory. Fudge is their specialty with a wide variety of flavors, plus plenty of chocolate goodies to choose from. You can also find lollipops, popcorn, gelato, cotton candy, and more to treat that sweet tooth.

Another good option for chocolate lovers is Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. A traditional choice when visiting Estes Park.

The Taffy Shop

There’s nothing more classic than saltwater taffy and Estes Park features its very own with The Taffy Shop. Named one of the top 10 best candy stores in all of Colorado, The Taffy Shop cuts 100s of fresh taffy flavors using their 74-year-old Model K Kiss wrapping machine, in action most mornings.

Laura’s Fine Candies

A long-standing favorite, Laura’s Fine Candies has been in operation since 1970 serving up some of the finest candies in the land. Discover fudge, popcorn, candy, caramels, saltwater taffy, and gourmet toffee. Also, be sure to visit their sister stores; Purple Mountain Taffy Shop, Hayley’s Ice Cream, and Danish Cone Factory.

Grandma’s Mountain Cookies

If warm and fluffy fresh-out-of-the-oven cookies are more their thing, then stop on in at Grandma’s Mountain Cookies. Enjoy handmade cookies with no preservatives and endless flavors all coming in at a quarter-pound! So, there is plenty to go around! Choose from a variety of cookies including sandwich cookies and sugar cookies, plus brownies and muffins.

The Sundae Saloon

For those who enjoy a good scoop of ice cream, The Sundae Saloon is a great option. But don’t be so shocked when your scoops come out in squares. That’s right, this quirky ice cream parlor dishes out its scoops in a square shape. Choose from a variety of ice cream flavors, delicious shakes, funnel cakes, and sundaes, plus vegan ice cream and cones.

Donut Haus

Who says dessert should come after dinner? Why not start your day off with a sweet treat at the Donut Haus. Located along HWY 36 inside the Tiny Town Eagle Stop, as you drive west towards Rocky Mountain National Park, the Donut Haus is a great place to grab a coffee and a few donuts. An Estes Park tradition, you can’t come to town and not try one of their specialty donuts.

Stay at Rocky Mountain Resorts

Whether you are buying sweets for your sweetie in Estes Park for a special occasion or just because, the perfect place to enjoy them is back at your cozy cabin or cottage at Rocky Mountain Resorts. Choose from cabins with a hot tub, cabins with a fireplace, or cabins on the river. No matter what you book, it’s the perfect setting for enjoying your sweets treats from Estes Park.