If you’ve been keeping up with the news, despite everything else going on these days, you have probably heard about Colorado’s plans to re-introduce wolves into the state. With the recent election, Proposition 114 was added to the ballot, proposing state wildlife managers bring wolves back to the state by 2024.

A popular question that has been asked by many: “are there wolves in Rocky Mountain National Park?” While there is a movement to reintroduce wolves into Colorado, there are no efforts to reintroduce wolves in Rocky Mountain National Park.

About wolves in Colorado

The gray wolf is native to Colorado but was eradicated from the state in the 1940s. The federal government stepped in, in the 60s, establishing protections for the gray wolf and classified it as an endangered species in the late 70s.

Over the years, wolves have naturally migrated into Colorado from neighboring states like Wyoming, but sightings have been scarce.

What the ballot measure means

The new law would enable a series of steps to reintroduce wolves into public lands in the western part of the state. The plan would be put into action by 2023. This is the first time a state allowed voters to direct the reintroduction and not the federal government.

So, are there wolves in Rocky Mountain National Park?

While currently there are no plans to reintroduce the gray wolf back into the park, in particular, it’s not to say that one or two may wander through the park. There have been rumors over the years of a gray wolf sighting in the park, but there was nothing confirmed.

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