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  • 10 Tips for Your Fall Estes Park Wedding

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    As the leaves start to change colors, you might be busy coordinating colors for your fall wedding! If you're planning a Colorado wedding, here are ten tips to make your process a bit easier: Look for discounts: It never hurts to ask your vendors for savings on flowers, catering, or decorations. Vendors may also offer discounts on using local and in-season items.   Prepare for weather: The...

  • Estes Park

    5 Fall Fun Ideas in Estes Park

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    Before sending the kids back to school this fall, enjoy one last family vacation in Estes Park! Or, just bring the homework on the road for a nice weekend vacation the whole family can enjoy as fall weather takes over Colorado. Though, the fall foliage should be enough to tempt you to enjoy the beautiful outdoors. Wildlife viewing. Estes Park’s Rocky Mountain National Park is home to bighorn...

  • Free Entrance Days at Rocky Mountain National Park

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    Rocky Mountain National Park offers stunning views of Colorado you won't find anywhere else and if you enjoy saving money when you travel be sure to take advantage of free entrance days this summer and fall! Normally, the entrance fee is $20, payable at all entrance stations into Rocky Mountain National Park, but each year the park sets aside a few days as fee free days. Upcoming dates...

  • 10 Things to do in Estes Park this summer

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    Planning a fun-filled adventure to Estes Park this summer? Between the hiking, biking, and water activities, there's plenty to keep you occupied until you're ready to head back to your cabin or condo for the night. We love pointing our guests in the right direction when it comes to fun Estes Park activities and so we put together a list of summer activities to get your vacation plans...

  • Summer Colorado Wedding

    5 Tips for Planning your Summer Colorado Wedding

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    Deciding on where you host your wedding is a big decision but if you want a beautiful mountain backdrop, look no further than Estes Park, Colorado. At 7,522 feet above sea level, you can expect spectacular views for your wedding guests as well as photographs of the big day that would make any wedding planner jump at the opportunity to help coordinate your ceremony. Vow to say good-bye to...

  • Marys Lake Vacation Condos is Open!

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    11/4/13: Marys Lake Vacation Condos is now open! The historic floods in September damaged nearby infrastructure which caused us to temporarily close Marys Lake Vacation Vacation Condos even though the property itself was not at all damaged in the flood. The good news is that the city has repaired the nearby damage and Marys Lake Vacation Condos is open once again! Come and enjoy the best mountain...

  • Rocky Mountain National Park Reopens

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    10/12/13: Rocky Mountain National Park reopened today which is great news! Also, 90% of Estes Park businesses are now reopened, less than one month after the severe flood on 9/13/13. The National Park is reopened with state funding, in anticipation that the government shutdown will end soon. The local elk seem completely unaware of all the drama that has occurred this past month and are...

  • Flood Update 9/23/13

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    Flood Update 9/23/13: Rocky Mountain Resorts is open! The Scenic Byway (Hwy 7) is open from the east, as well as Trail Ridge Road from the west. Rocky Mountain National Park is open and there is plenty to do in Estes Park as more and more restaurants, shops and attractions reopen. Come on up and enjoy the fall beauty in Estes Park! We have many beautiful condos, cabins and vacation homes...

  • Flood Update 9/18/13

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    Flood Update 9/18/13: Good news #1: The Scenic Byway (Hwy 7) was opened today for travel to Estes Park. That's great news however you should allow extra time if you are going to come to town on Hwy 7. Good news #2: Rocky Mountain National Park reopened today, and Trail Ridge Road is now open to all travel! Rocky Mountain Resorts is ready to host your stay so come on up and enjoy the fall...

  • Flood Update 9/16/13

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    Flood Update 9/16/13: Rocky Mountain Resorts is open for business! Most of our resorts are accessible and we are ready to host your stay. However, because of road damage outside of town, travel to Estes Park is still limited today and we do not yet know when the roads will open. Therefore, if you have a reservation arriving anytime between today and 9/21/13 you may consider rescheduling your...

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